Product Technical Sheet

It is a polymer modified bitumen rubber based double component waterproofing product. It can be easily applied with a brush, trowel or spray machine and provides permanent flexible insulation.

Material Properties
Component A: Polymer Modified Bitumen Rubber
Component B: Cement Based Powder Component
Color: Brown, black when dry
Density (A / A + B): 1.04 kg / l / 1.13 kg / l
Solid Content Ratio (A / A + B): 58% / 68%
Application Temperature: +5 ° C to 35 ° C
Service Temperature: -20 ° C to 80 ° C
Mixing Ratio (A / B): 22 + 8 24 + 8 21 + 7
Curing: 3 hours
Pot Life: 2 Hours
Full Drying: 2-5 Days

It is easy to prepare and apply. It provides monolithic waterproofing. It fully adheres to the applied surface. It has crack bridging feature. It is a water based product and environmentally friendly. It can be applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces, it does not flow.

On the foundation and curtain walls, wet places, retaining walls, horizontal and vertical surfaces, protection and insulation of structures and building elements exposed to leachate, temporary or continuous water pressure, external insulation of water tanks, insulation of basements and tanks, insulation boards for insulation and drainage. applicable.

Since it is not a UV resistant product, it should be properly covered after application.

Surface Preparation
The application surface should be free of strong, dry, clean and loose parts. Spikes on the surface should be rounded with corners spiral stone and deep gaps should be closed with repair mortar. Internal corners, joints of the walls should be chamfered. The surface to be applied should be primed with solvent-free bitumen primer and application should be started after the primer is completely dry. Surfaces that will decrease the adherence of the material should be roughened.

Product Preparation
The powder component should be added slowly to the liquid component and mixed with a medium speed mixer at a speed of 400-600 rpm until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The mixed material should be consumed within 1-2 hours.

It should be applied on the prepared surface with brush, trowel or spray at least in 2 coats. After the first coat application, full drying must be done for the second coat application. The second floor should be made perpendicular to the first floor.

It can be prepared in plastic buckets at rates such as 22 + 8/24 + 8/21 + 7.

Its shelf life is 12 months in an unopened and sun-free environment. Attention should be paid to the product circulation. Delivery should be ensured with the principle of “FIRST INTRODUCTION FIRST EXIT”.

Application should not be made while it is raining or potentially raining. The first 24 hours after application should be protected from frost, sun and strong wind. Application should be made to the part of the structure that comes into contact with water. Since curing of the material will be slower in cold weather, it should be ensured that the first layer is completely dry without applying the 2nd layer. Attention should be paid to the application temperature, application should be done in the temperature range of + 5 ° C + 35 ° C.

If the product is used outside its intended purpose or the application conditions mentioned above are not observed, BTİ Bitüm Teknik İzüksiyon San. ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti is not responsible.

* For the safety data sheet, please read the QR code in the product technical sheet.

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