Product Technical Sheet

Bitumen emulsion based primer.

It has one component.
It is water based.
It is economical, easy to apply, reduces labor costs.
It can be applied to horizontal and vertical elements, has no joint, does not form joints.
It also acts as a moisture barrier.

Thanks to its superior adhesion property, it is used to increase the adhesion of bituminous liquid and cover membranes to be applied on the surface.

Dark brown liquid becomes black when fully dried.
It is suitable for use in unopened and undamaged packaging in a dry environment between + 5 ° C and + 35 ° C, 12 months from the date of production.
Solid content: 25-30%
Density: 1kg / lt

Thinner: Water
Mixing ratio: Bitumen Primer / Water 1/1 – 1/2
Substrate temperature should be minimum + 5 ° C / maximum + 35 ° C. Material should be mixed sufficiently before application. Using brush or roller, apply evenly in one direction, make sure that there is no pond.
Consumption: 300-500 g / m2 in one layer.
Full cure: 2-12 hours
Do not apply BTI ASTAR in wet weather or weather conditions where precipitation is expected.
Protect the newly applied material from rain until you have fully cured. It should be applied on the surface by brush or roller. The application should not be applied before the primer dries. Tools should be cleaned with water immediately after application and with industrial solvents after drying.

* For the safety data sheet, please read the QR code in the product technical sheet.

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