Anionic Bitumen Emulsion
BTI 2K Classic BTI 2K Latex BTI 2K Plus
BTI 2KT Latex BTI Bitümen Fast BTI Bitum Primer
BTI Moisture Barrier BTI 1K 1000 UV BTI 1K Classic
BTI 1K Latex

Our Vision
Being a leading brand in the sector in which we operate, being a preferred brand with the sense of trust we provide; In addition, by constantly improving our knowledge and technological level, being among the world brands forms the basis of our vision..

Our Mission
Bitumen Technical Insulation; It aims to offer the highest quality with the most useful service understanding to its customers with the products developed and produced in line with the R&D studies by following the continuously developing technologies of the sector.

It is an essential part of our mission to produce products that will be required not only for today but also for the future, with effective application, correct pricing and competitive price principles.

Quality Guarantee

Our products, which are completely adhered to DIN standards, cut water when the application conditions are complied and protect your building from moisture and rot.

We Provide Outstanding Service

If the subject is bitumen based waterproofing material, we can provide all kinds of quality and production. You can determine the packaging color of the products you want to put on the market as you wish.